Computer & Software Application

Total courses in this category = 10

Course Number Course Name PDH Units / Learning Units(Hours) Current Price Buy Course Course is Timed Take Quiz
EE105 Introduction to Semiconductors 1 $6 Buy Now No Quiz
EE-310 Basic of RFID Technology 2 $12 Buy Now No Quiz
EE-125 Ground Fault Circuit Protection in Construction(T&M) 3 $18 Buy Now Yes Quiz
EE-180 Optical Fiber-Fundamentals 6 $36 Buy Now No Quiz
EE-170 Fiber optic in Telecommunications 6 $36 Buy Now No Quiz
EE-160 Designing Fiber Optic System 1 $6 Buy Now No Quiz
CS-120 IOT-Overcoming the Challenges 1 $6 Buy Now No Quiz
CS-110 IOT-Next Evolution of Internet 2 $12 Buy Now No Quiz
CS-100 Internet of Things 4 $24 Buy Now No Quiz
EE-220 Introduction to Basic Electronics(T&M) 8 $48 Buy Now Yes Quiz