A guide for energy efficient lighting(T&M)

Course Summary:

Commercial lighting systems are changing rapidly, with new or improved technologies continuously becoming available. Whether you’re constructing a new building or upgrading lighting at your existing location, this guide highlights how your business can take lighting to the next level. It will help you explore options you might consider now or in the future. The information will prepare you to work effectively with contractors, lighting vendors, designers and other lighting professionals. You’ll also have a stronger understanding of everything from the color quality of light, to what technologies work best in different applications, to how lighting controls affect other energy-using systems in your business.

Course Outlines:

Lighting technologies for your business

Brighten your business and bottom line

Balancing lighting quantity, quality & color

Go for the layered look

Don’t overlook outdoor lighting

Examples of fixture applications

Controls: Essential, easy, adaptable

Energy Trust can help illuminate your world


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